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To be honest, in the heart of creeps some nasty chill. What is it, as many days, he kept saying that I was his and his alone, but now suddenly talking about the loss? And suddenly Britt law and I told him just tired because of excessive obedience? Britt general calls me IG with slippers in his mouth. Such obedience is very unusual for me, I'm shy, but not an amoeba, but near the Lars otherwise can not, spreads ice cream on a hot, just like everyone else. Really really bored ?! What nonsense, then he would not say anything, I lowered our relationship on the brakes and all ... No, there's more. - Well, what conclusion has led the thought process? - What? - I even flinched. Lost in thought, he had forgotten that Lars is watching. - Why should I lose? It is not a question, but an attempt to conceal his thoughts. - Soon the semester begins.

Too me the news! You'd think I forgot about it. - I offered to read a series of lectures at Oxford University. - Wow! - I even sit down. - Here's your wah. Lectures twice a week. - Lars looks at me questioningly. Are you looking for "adult chat"? Check out adults The passionate experts in this field are ready to answer all of your requests. - Well? - It means that I'm going to fly home on the weekends. But it's bad, but how can I say something against it? Not every day, even a good experts offer lectures in one of the best universities in the world. - I have not given an answer, wanted to consult with you.
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- Lars ... - From the eyes are ready to splash tears, but I'm holding on valiantly. - Lars, it's too bad that you will not have five days a week, but do not give up! - I am afraid for you. I was surprised quite sincerely: - Why me?

- I am afraid that you will begin to engage in their own business and not get into a story. - I swear to not get stuck! - Silly, but the hand itself fell on the heart, as if confirming the seriousness of the oath. - It is better to swear not to do it at all. - Lars! - What "Lars"? You think I do not understand what you start to do in my absence? One went for a week, so you're dressed in lycra and flogging to do. He got up, but spare my still half a modest nature, managed to wrap a towel around his waist. As a hint, I'm not against this lack of towels? .. Maybe enough to play coy and better to give full rein to his own secret desires? But urgently needed to distract him from the lycra and the fact that she was accompanied. - Where are you going to live in Oxford? - His voice almost honey, it's to get him away from unnecessary thoughts. - If you do not now nor in the promise not to get involved, it is nowhere.
- And if you promise? - I do not know ... There's a good hotel Vanbrugh House near the university, probably in it. So what about the promises? - What is it? The gray eyes smeshinki: - You're very honest, twisting like an eel, but the words are not to engage in detective work do not give. Actually, that's right, because it is still broken. Okay, I'll think of something and just taking you with me.

- Here's another! - Why do not you come with me? - He puts me on the legs and face lifts her chin, looking into his eyes. Oh, this is one of the most effective methods, completely depriving me of the ability to resist. - Lars, I ... - What are you? - Lips just touch my lips, this teaser-soblaznyalka because back in immediately raised a wave of crazy desires. - I will be really bad and sad without you for a week ... - I do not lie, because a couple of hours and without Lars now seems a life sentence without the right to visit. Interestingly, there are those in the prisons? - And not just one, mind you. - I'm going to cry, miss ... But never forgive myself if you refuse such an offer. Do not give up, do not. - Lynn ... - Lars, however, do not give up. - I'm ready to splash back tears from the eyes, but I grew stronger. - I am so proud of you! You have a lot of friends in Oxford? Девушки рассказывают, Без порно и секс намеков, Эротика и проститутки отсутствуют.

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